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Logo Design

Identity Design

Approached by Eastside Community Church to work on increasing the awareness of their location through exterior signage, I picked up gaps in their brand positioning that needed to be addressed with a complete overhaul of their brand and all it's touchpoints.


Wanting to reach a younger, trendier demographic, and already implementing the necessary changes into their services and ministries, I shifted the brand identity in a direction that aligned with their vision to be more engaging, youthful and relevant.


Starting from the ground up, I crafted a custom wordmark using fixed-width strokes and geometric shapes and angles, that would inform many of the design choices going forward.

Inspired by the diversity of the church community, I picked out intersecting segments from the wordmark to create a random pattern of shapes and colours that was implemented across the various deliverables.

Geometric Pattern
Eastside Stationery Mockup
Eastside Poster Mockups

"Jean-Pierre’s rebrand took our organization's corporate image to a level we never dreamed possible. His design work was fresh and relevant whilst retaining our personal identity. As always, he was a pleasure to work with."

Mark Paul - Executive Pastor, Eastside Community Church

Eastside Billboard Mockup